Introducing Dinesh Bhayana – MAPS Canada Board

MAPS Canada is excited to announce a new addition to our Board of Directors. Dinesh Bhayana is an emergency and addiction medicine physician based in Toronto, ON, Canada. He completed medical school at the University of Western Ontario and residency at the University of Toronto. Since 2013, he has worked in both hospital and community settings in Northern Ontario and Toronto. His interests include expanding in-hospital addiction services and ensuring adequate community support for his patients. He holds an academic appointment with McMaster University and is engaged in both clinical bedside teaching as well as lecturing on topics in emergency and addiction medicine.

Along with his patients, Dinesh has witnessed the burden that addiction and trauma place on the lives of individuals and their communities. He has also experienced the benefits and limitations of our current approach to mental health. He is interested in the transformational potential that psychedelics offer, moving us beyond symptom management and toward deeper and sustained well-being. Dinesh is optimistic that psychedelic-assisted therapy will soon be integrated within the existing mental health and wellness infrastructure, and that it will create space for new and innovative models of care.  He is passionate about education and advocacy and is interested in supporting the development of evidence-based resources for physicians, therapists, and patients.

We are excited and grateful to have Dinesh bring his expertise to the table. As an organization that is committed to legalizing psychedelics as medicines, it will be of great value to have Dinesh bring his medical knowledge to the team and help guide us towards our goals of legitimizing psychedelic therapies.

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