Brian Emerson

Dr. Brian Emerson

Dr. Brian Emerson has been working for ten years as a Medical Consultant in population and public health with the BC Ministry of Health. Dr. Emerson was raised in Calgary, Alberta, and moved to Victoria to study and work in marine biology. Subsequent education included a general medical degree and a masters degree in public health from University of BC.

Prior his current position Brian worked for fifteen years as a Medical Health Officer in a variety of locations in BC, most being in the north half of Vancouver Island.

Current priority areas of work include public health legislation, public health human resources planning and work force development, support to the Office of the Provincial Health Officer, and policy development about public health approaches to psychoactive substances (alcohol, tobacco, illegal and prescription substances). A major project was coordinating the development, and now implementation of a new BC Public Health Act and supporting regulations.

With respect to psychoactive substances Brian coordinated the development of a number or papers by The Health Officers Council of BC (HOC) – the most recent being “Public Health Perspectives for Regulating Psychoactive Substances”. For, additional reports on this topic by HOC, click here.