Psychedelic Peer Support: How to Trip Sit a Friend

Psychedelic Harm Reduction

Are you curious about how to hold space, and support a friend during a psychedelic journey in a non-clinical setting? Would you like to learn about how to help them integrate their experience after? Join MAPS Canada for a two-part online event exploring Psychedelic Peer Support: How to Trip Sit a Friend!

Tickets are $40 for both sessions or $25 for one session. Episodes will be shared through Crowdcast. If price is the only barrier preventing you from attending, please apply for a discount through this form


Part I: April 8, 2021 (5:00 – 7:00pm PST)

The first session will feature Mark Haden, author of “Manual for Psychedelic Guides” and Executive Director of MAPS Canada. He will highlight topics and techniques covered in his book, including how to prepare for, guide, and integrate a psychedelic experience. His presentation will be followed by an engaging Q&A session with the audience. For the most benefit, it is recommended to read his book prior to this event. 

Part II: April 14, 2021 (5:00 – 7:00pm PST)

The second session will feature Lidija Martinovic Rekert, an internationally accredited Yoga meditation teacher, who will discuss her experience as a psychedelic guide and the concept of holding space for someone going through a psychedelic session, and will finish with an intimate Q&A session.


Mark Haden

Executive Director - MAPS Canada

Mark Haden is the Executive Director of MAPS Canada as well as an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia School of Population and Public Health. He has been published on the issue of drug policy in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, the International Journal of Drug Policy and numerous others. Mark obtained a MSW from UBC and has previously worked in Addiction Services for 28 years in counselling and supervisory roles. He currently provides public education on drugs and drug policy and works with the Health Officers Council of British Columbia on their position papers on the issue of a regulated market for all currently illegal drugs. Mark is the parent of two children and is an active member of the Vancouver outdoor recreation community.

Lidija Rekert

Counselling Psychology

Lidija Martinovic Rekert is an internationally accredited Yoga teacher and Meditation Guide, Somatic Counselor in private practice and Ceremony holder. She works closely with clients after their intake of psychedelic, entheogen, and other psychoactive substances, with an intention of harm reduction, accessing and transcending trauma and psychosomatic-spiritual integration and embodiment. Her counselling approach is influenced by Yogic and Buddhist Philosophy, Jungian theory, Psychodynamic principles, Perinatal matrices (Stan Grof). and Social Phenomenology of RD Laing.

Your Host & Moderator

Antonio is a volunteer within MAPS Canada fundraising committee. He is also one of the organizers of “Mapping the Mind”, a psychedelic science conference that takes place annually in Toronto with the goal to raise funds for psychedelic research.

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Thank you to our sponsors who made this event possible; all proceeds raised will fund life-changing psychedelic research.