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Nov.3.2017 – MDMA’s Journey from Molly to Medicine (Scientific American)
Oct.4.2015 – Taking the Grim out of Grim Reaper with a Psychedelic Trip (CBC Radio, Tapestry with Mary Hynes) 
Sep.9.2015 – Some Psychedelic Drugs Might Have Therapeutic Effect (Wall Street Hedge) 
Sep.8.2015 – Ecstasy used to treat PTSD in Vancouver study (24 Hours Vancouver) 
Feb9.2015 – The Trip Treatment (The New Yorker) 
Oct.12.2020 – Turn On, Tune In, Get Well  (New Yorker)
Oct.17.2019 – Taking Ayahuasca When You’re a Senior Citizen (New York Times)
May.8.2019 – Denver Voters Support ‘Magic’ Mushrooms (New York Times)

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MDMA Pharmacology

Introduction Over the past several years, MDMA (also known as Ecstasy/Molly) has been making waves in the realms of drug research and therapy, with many

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