How Psychedelics Treated My Schizophrenia

By Anonymous

It has long been believed that individuals with psychosis, schizophrenia or schizophrenia-like conditions should not use psychedelics as the experiences can be destabilizing. There is a considerable body of evidence that shows that that large doses of psychedelics are highly problematic for individuals with schizophrenia but research has not yet explored the effect of very small doses. The following autobiography marks the first instance where someone with schizophrenia has documented, in detail, an improvement in their conditions from using (a tiny amount of) psychedelics.  This observation opens up the possibility for further research and inquiry into this area.
New research is needed as current treatments of schizophrenia are sometimes completely ineffective and often have problematic side effects. If better treatments could be found this could transform psychiatric care.  This is one piece of a larger puzzle, where in the future psychedelics may play a role in the development of better psychiatric services in the treatment of major mental health disorders.