MAPS Canada is powered by a large and dedicated group of volunteers. Join us! You can participate in one or several of the following committees:

Policy & Advocacy Committee


  • Educates committee members and other MAPS volunteers on current drug policy issues in Canada and internationally 
  • Assesses the current state of policies (e.g. harm reduction, safe supply, legal regulation of substances)
  • Identifies opportunities and roadblocks re: psychedelics policy reform (including other countries/states/regions)

Post-Prohibition Models for Psychedelics

  • Evaluates what would legal regulation for psychedelics look like
  • Evaluates how would we recommend balancing access/control, etc.
  • Evaluates how workshop models among different stakeholders constituencies, including consumers of psychedelic


  • Develops advocacy strategies around psychedelics for non-medical/non-scientific use in Canada


  • Develops strategies for how to engage different constituencies
  • Identifies current barriers and opportunities
  • Evaluates how we message our advocacy
  • Develops and implements public education/outreach activities

Blog Committee

  • Blog Team: Responsible for managing the mapscanada.org blog content, finding writers or writing original content

Development Committee

  • Directs fund development for MAPS Canada including organizing and executing fundraising events for MAPS Canada. This includes creating new MAPS Canada events or participating in and supporting events hosted by other organizations.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Committee

  • Establishes and helps embed the principles of justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism within all aspects of MAPS Canada.
  • Advises MAPS Canada staff and the board of directors on issues related to the above.

Research Commitee

  • Supports the research initiatives of other committees and ensures MAPS Canada is always presenting factual, evidence-based information.

Events Committee

  • Help to plan virtual events for our audience as well as social events for the MAPS Canada community and Vancouver psychedelic community at large. Previous events have included a social evening at the Anza Club, as well as psychedelic BBQs and potlucks. Members assist with logistics and event planning, as well as in helping to set up and take down events.

Technology Committee

  • Helps resolve technology issues, provides IT support, as well as website and storefront maintenance. Members also support live-streaming, music systems, and technology for presentation presentations.

Current Openings

We will be recruiting new volunteers in the New Year. In the meantime, we invite you to submit your application for review to our new form found here. Feel free to apply for one of the defined roles listed below, or apply generally to one of the committees listed above.

  1. Research Committee Lead – Please see role outline here

1.) Tech Committee Lead. Please see role outline here

2.) Website Administrator (WordPress, Elementor)

3.) UX/UI Designer

2.) AV Support (Crowdcast)

1.) Graphic Designer

2.) Animator

3.) Content Creator

4.) Assistant to Social Media Manager

1.) Corporate Giving Team & Sponsorships

2.) Grant writer

3.) Large Donation Outreach

1.) Toronto Social Events Lead
2.) Crowdcast / ZOOM AV Support

We are also looking for volunteers who would like to assist running social events in Vancouver & Toronto

1.) Assistant to Volunteer Coordinator

2.) Volunteer Intake Assistant

Other than this, we are primarily looking for volunteers to assist with efforts on our Drug Policy, Fundraising and Marketing committees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely! Although most of our volunteers are based in Vancouver or Toronto, most of our volunteer opportunities are remote. We are also in the process of initiating MAPS Canada support groups across Canada and are always looking to connect volunteers with each other. 

You can be a part of as many committees as you are able to commit to. Currently, we ask for a volunteer commitment of 3-4 hours per week depending on the role.

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer these

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