Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering for MAPS Canada! Our main collective goal is to raise funds in order to continue conducting our research that is funded 100% by public donation. We have many different volunteer committees though. We are based out of Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON and have several support groups across Canada. If you’d like to join our team and connect with us at our next meeting, please send your information to michael@mapscanada.org. 

At the moment, we are only recruiting for the positions listed below. Please reference the openings below first and if you would like to apply for one of those specifically then please feel free to reach out. Make sure to include your résumé, a summary of why you are interested in volunteering with MAPS Canada and skills of yours that you believe an expanding non-profit organization may benefit from. Again, at the moment, we are not accepting general volunteer applications; we are only filling the roles outlined below. Thanks for your understanding. 
– Michael Oliver, Volunteer Coordinator

Open Positions

For the Defined Volunteer Roles below, a background experience in the relevant area is preferred. If you have any questions about these positions, don’t hesitate to ask!

1.) Content Translator

• Help to translate our materials into other languages (we have translators for French so are looking for other languages)

• Commitment: 1-2 hours per week

2.) Animator

• Our YouTube Team could use a hand with helping us to animate projects

2.) Content Creator (YouTube)

• We would love help on our YouTube Team to help create original YouTube content and to assist with organizing existing content. 

3.) Senior Graphic Designer

• To help guide the digital design direction of our upcoming virtual events and marketing efforts

• See role outline here 

4.) UX/UI Designer

• To help guide the digital direction of our website as well as to measure and optimize our virtual presence to improve ease of use and create the best user experience

1.) Webinar Tech Admin

• Help to assist on the backend with our Webinar Series. Being a liaison with the speakers and helping to troubleshoot tech. 

• Commitment: 2 hours per week

2.) WordPress Admin

• Help to maintain and build our WordPress site (this website). 

1.) Facebook/Instagram Ad Developer

• Help to create online advertisement campaigns for use across Facebook and Instagram.

• Commitment: 3-4 hours per week

1.) Blog Committee Lead

• Lead our Blog Committee to create compelling content for our website

• Commitment: 2-4 hours per week. More info here.

1.) YouTube Committee Lead

• Lead our YouTube Committee to create compelling content for our YouTube channel

• Commitment: 2-4 hours per week. More info here


Please read our respectful communication policy here


Frequently asked questions regarding volunteer oppurtunities

Yes absolutely! Although most of our volunteers are based in Vancouver or Toronto, most of our volunteer opportunities are remote 

We are also in the process of initiating MAPS Canada support groups across Canada and are always looking to connect volunteers with each other. 

In early 2020 we launched our first official MAPS Canada Support Group in Toronto. 

Although volunteer opportunities across the board are still remote, there is a strong Toronto presence in our community and Irie and Darren lead the Toronto Support Group. 

You can be a part of as many committees as you are able to commit to 

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer these