Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance

2020 MAPS Canada Webinar: Season Two



First, register online at www.mapscanada.org/webinars. You can register for the series pass (best value), or for just one or two, or as many as you’d like. Your Eventbrite ticket confirmation will be emailed to you after you register—you may need to wait up to 10 minutes to receive it, and be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it. You will receive instructions and an access link for joining your webinar session(s) in the few hours leading up to each session. You will be required to provide the name and email address you registered with before entering the webinar. Please be sure to use the email address that you provided with your registration (the one you used to purchase your ticket on Eventbrite).

We will be using Crowdcast again for Season Two.  Please use either Chrome or Firefox to log into Crowdcast, Safari does not support this platform.

Episodes will run from September 22nd – December 29th 2020, with a special SEASON OPENER on September 15th (free).  All webinar episodes take place from 5:00 PM PT – 6:15 PM PT on Tuesdays. There is a chance an episode may be moved, or a time shifted, but if this is the case, you will be notified. 

Each episode will be 75 mins total and will usually consist of… 

• Introduction

• A 20-45min presentation 

• A moderated Q/A session



Registration for an individual session is $15. You can also register to gain access to the entire series for your choice of $75, $100, or $125. (save $150). All webinar proceeds support psychedelic research and education. We also invite you to make an additional gift to MAPS at checkout to help make sure the psychedelic research renaissance continues.

Yes, we will have Early Bird ticket pricing on from September 9th through September 16th.

If you are experiencing severe economic hardship from COVID-19, please write to webinar@mapscanada.org and we will do our best to assist you.

Registration for individual webinars is open until 15 minutes before they start. Series passes can be purchased until registration closes for the last webinar on December 29th, 2020, at 4:45 PM PST. 

You will be able to register for individual webinars up to 15 minutes before they start. You can join the webinar at any time while it’s in session.

This season, we will be hosting “Exclusive Post-Webinar Sessions” with our speakers following most episodes.  These sessions will be one hour  in length, and be hosted via ZOOM, so that you may communicate with the speaker during the session.  These sessions will vary in topic, and some will just consist of an open Q&A session.  We ask you to prepare your questions in advance.  Sessions will be limited to 10 people max, and a link for the zoom room will be sent out the day of the event.  Cost for these sessions are between $175 and $215, and will be held from 6:30PM PT – 7:30PM PT.

You will receive a secure link to the webinar shortly before that webinar episode is scheduled. This will be sent to the same email that you used to purchase your ticket from Eventbrite.

Anyone may ask a question during the webinar using the built in Q/A function in Crowdcast. The moderator will direct questions to speakers when appropriate. You’re encouraged to think about your questions in advance—remember to look at the supplemental materials that you received in your registration email!

If you need to cancel your attendance, we will offer refunds until 24 hours before each webinar. All refunds require a 3% processing fee. Please allow 5-10 business days to process your refund. To request a refund, send your email registration receipt to webinar@mapscanada.org along with your name, email address you used to register, and the reason for your refund request.

You can give your friend permission to use your name and email to log in, but each email can only be used once and it must be the same email used to register.

Yes! In case you’re not able to attend the live session, video recordings of each webinar will be provided to all registered attendees. The recordings will be available right on Crowdcast, simply log in with your email and password to view the episodes.  Even if you register for the whole series after the webinars have started, you’ll still get access to the recordings of all sessions.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide live webinar transcriptions.

No, but we hope to offer professional education credits for our webinars in the future.

Your confidential information is important to us.  Through the purchase of the webinar series, you will be added to our newsletter by default.  If you wish to opt-out of this, please email webinar@mapscanada.org.  (We will not spam you, and only have good information to share about the advancement of psychedelic research!)

Email webinar@mapscanada.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that in the hour before a webinar begins we may not be able to respond quickly, so send your questions as soon as you have them.