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Season 2

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Episode 2: Ayahuasca-Assisted Psychotherapy in America? Why and How?

SEPTEMBER 29th, 3:00-4:30PM PST


Dr. Dennis Mckenna


Leanna Standish 2020 cropped

Dr. Leanna Standish

Co-CEO – Sacred Medicines

Dr Victoria Hale Cropped

Dr. Victoria Hale

Co-CEO – Sacred Medicines

Episode Summary: In this episode we will explore some of the following questions regarding Ayahuasca-assisted therapy to the U.S:  Should western scientists and clinicians have access to the sacred medicine called Ayahuasca?  Is this cultural misappropriation?  Is it appropriate to seek FDA approval of Ayahuasca-assisted therapy?  Is it possible to meet the FDA requirements for chemistry, safety and efficacy?  What is the best method of Ayahuasca therapy?  How might Ayahuasca therapy someday become approved by Medicare?  How can the sacred and the scientific be entangled?  Who is qualified to conduct an Ayahuasca circle?  How can and should this work be funded?  How can indigenous and western scientists understand each other’s ontology?  How can authentic reciprocity be established between the drug companies that are making sacred medicines for secular use and the indigenous South American Amazonian tribes that have given the world Ayahuasca?  Why not pharmahuasca?

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