Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance
Season 2

A 15-week online event to explore, examine, and delve into the psychedelic Renaissance

Episode 5: Epigenetics in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies: Spiritual Healing in Modern Healthcare

October 20th, 5:00-6:30PM PST


Dr. Joe Tafur, MD

Physician, Author

Episode Summary: For the last two years, Modern Spirit, a nonprofit dedicated to demonstrating the value of spiritual healing in modern healthcare, has been collaborating with MAPS and the USC Department of Psychiatry. Participating study centers have been collecting saliva samples before and after the MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy intervention for PTSD. The initial set of samples are now being analyzed at TGEN in Phoenix, Arizona. These samples are being evaluated for epigenetics changes, looking for ways in which the therapeutic intervention, which has led to so many transformational experiences, may be influencing the way genes are expressed in study participants. PTSD has been associated with certain epigenetic modifications, lasting healing from PTSD may similarly involve change at the epigenetic level. Dr, Tafur will discuss this groundbreaking study (Modern Spirit Epigenetics Project), its formation and current progress, as we explore where the intersection between biology, emotion and spirituality. Learn more at modernspirit.org

Exclusive Post Webinar Session:  Introduction to Shipibo Icaro: Indigenous Approaches to Ceremonial Healing. In this small group workshop/discussion, Dr. Tafur will share his experience working with sacred healing song, icaro, within the context of Ayahuasca ceremony. Dr. Tafur will sing two icaros, explaining this approach and its utility as well as implications for psychedelic-assisted therapies. Dr. Tafur will then answer questions and lead the small group discussion.  To register for this event, click “register now” and see Ep 5Ex: Exclusive w/ Joe.

(Exclusive Post-Webinar Session Details:  Session take place in a private zoom room with the speaker and 6-10 other participants. Limited Capacity. Zoom links sent out the day of the event.  6:30-7:30PM PST, Tuesdays (following the speaker’s episode).  Webinar attendance is not mandatory; however all passes include 1 complimentary ticket to the entire series!  View all speaker post-webinar sessions here.)