Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance
Season 2

A 15-week online event to explore, examine, and delve into the psychedelic Renaissance

Episode 8: How To Prepare An Ancient Religious Tradition for a Psychedelic Renaissance

November 10th, 5:00-6:30PM PST


Rabbi Zac Kamenetz


Episode Summary: Coming Soon!  Thank you for your patience!


Exclusive Post Webinar Session:  Exclusive Q&A with Rabbi Zac KamenetzZac is a Rabbi, community leader, and aspiring healer based in Berkeley, CA.  In this exclusive session, you’ll have a chance to ask Zac your questions, or take a deeper look into topics discussed during his webinar episode.  To register, see Ep 8Ex: Exclusive w/ Rabbi Zac.

(Exclusive Post-Webinar Session Details:  Session take place in a private zoom room with the speaker and 6-10 other participants. Limited Capacity. Zoom links sent out the day of the event.  6:30-7:30PM PST, Tuesdays (following the speaker’s episode).  Webinar attendance is not mandatory; however all passes include 1 complimentary ticket to the entire series!  View all speaker post-webinar sessions here.)