Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance
Season 2

A 15-week online event to explore, examine, and delve into the psychedelic Renaissance

Episode 8: How To Prepare An Ancient Religious Tradition for a Psychedelic Renaissance

November 10th, 5:00-6:30PM PST


Rabbi Zac Kamenetz


Episode Summary: What implications might the psychedelic renaissance have for religious communities and traditions, especially those without a reliable history of using entheogens in spiritual practice and development? What is the religious significance of incorporating psychedelic plants and compounds for a tradition where there has been very little before? Join Rabbi Zac Kamenetz, founder and CEO of Shefa, as he shares his process for preparing communities and individuals and reenvisioning theologies and practices by grounding psychedelic sacraments within Jewish spirituality.

Exclusive Post Webinar Session:  Exclusive Q&A with Rabbi Zac KamenetzZac is a Rabbi, community leader, and aspiring healer based in Berkeley, CA.  In this exclusive session, you’ll have a chance to ask Zac your questions, or take a deeper look into topics discussed during his webinar episode.  To register, see Ep 8Ex: Exclusive w/ Rabbi Zac.

(Exclusive Post-Webinar Session Details:  Session take place in a private zoom room with the speaker and 6-10 other participants. Limited Capacity. Zoom links sent out the day of the event.  6:30-7:30PM PST, Tuesdays (following the speaker’s episode).  Webinar attendance is not mandatory; however all passes include 1 complimentary ticket to the entire series!  View all speaker post-webinar sessions here.)